03 Cg Corporate Governance 2.001


The Lushan Project, which Yaan Xinkuang is developing, aims to distribute eco-friendly products around the world. Our improved solutions provide our clients with significant financial and environmental savings. Due to the wide range of markets in which our products are used, the mine will have numerous revenue streams.

Our mine uses only authorized chemicals for processing and abides by the highest environmental regulations. The deposit is open in all directions, the mine has a current mine life of more than 100 years, and the permit lasts for 50 years.

Corporate Governance

Yaan Xinkuang Resources, through its Board of Directors and Executives, recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining corporate governance policies and practices that reflect market regulators' and participants' requirements, as well as the aspirations of members and others who deal with Yaan Xinkuang. As the corporate governance environment and best practices evolve, these rules and practices are constantly reviewed.

The Board thinks that besides Yaan Xinkuang's practices, there are good grounds for the alternate approach. Because of the limited employees and the fact that we are a growing company, there are several differentiations among the principles.


Green Benefits

  • The minerals are processed without the use of any chemicals;
  • Minimal impact on the local environment;
  • Each tonne utilized results in a 15% reduction in CO2;
  • The ability to generate without mud tailings that are harmful;
  • There are no land claim difficulties. We work with the authorities on a one-on-one basis;
  • A competitive fiscal environment;
  • Mining is supported by local communities, and a skilled workforce is available;
  • Excellent infrastructure and logistics.

In its mineral exploration activities, Yaan Xinkuang is always looking for new partnerships. The company aims to develop new exciting initiatives and pursues chances through industry alliances, including joint-venture agreements with big corporations on various projects.

Yaan Xinkuang is committed to forming new relationships for its newly acquired properties. The company is among the most active rare earths mining exploration businesses on the market, with an attractive and successful business plan, an excellent share structure, and a strong financial position.


Our Approach to Climate Change

Striving to Achieve Net-Zero Emissions

By 2050, we plan to achieve net-zero emissions across our operations and reduce our carbon footprint even more. Our 2030 targets call for a 30 % reduction in carbon intensity and a 15 % reduction in absolute emissions.

Investing in Climate-Related Projects

Projects to minimize emissions and improve our company's resilience are included. We form strategic alliances throughout our value chain. We make efforts to adequately solve the climate change issues.

Supporting Climate Advocacy

Carbon pricing through market mechanisms is the most cost-effective strategy to accelerate innovation and reduce emissions. We collaborate with trade associations to ensure a better position in the industry. The role of industry organizations in constructive engagement on climate policy concerns is critical.


We consider the recommendations from the working groups on environmental financial disclosures and are working to improve our climate reporting.