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The core values of Yaan Xinkuang serve as a guide for how we operate, interact with one another and our stakeholders, and carry out our commitments.


The company has significant deposits of heavy rare earths, particularly dysprosium, a high-value element. These elements are required for supplying sustainable energy and cutting-edge technological applications. Our Flagship Lushan Project is the primordial project in our present portfolio. So far, all of our assets are performing well with outstanding returns.


Short term

  • Provide to expand our future
  • Carry out our initiatives
  • Succeed in our activities
  • Develop our solutions

Long term

  • Expand where we can be of service
  • Opportunities and diversification in mineral sand

Company Overview

Yaan Xinkuang is a Chinese mineral development company located in Chengdu, Sichuan, that focuses on critical metals and minerals having increasing demand in modern technologies. The company is now in the advanced stages of development, offering investors access to rare earth elements such as Neodymium, Dysprosium, Europium, Terbium, and Yttrium.

The Lushan Project is now being undertaken by Yaan Xinkuang in Lushan County, Ya'An Prefecture, Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China. Corporate fundamentals include health and safety, social responsibility, and implementing environmental leadership.

Yaan Xinkuang Resources is an exploration and development business led by a seasoned management team dedicated to maximizing shareholder value from the Lushan Project.

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  • A mine development project with major resource upside in the near future;
  • A tenement package that is both strategic and lucrative;
  • Several high-priority resource growth targets in the area;
  • Regular resource updates;
  • Options for rapid development;
  • Excellent exploration opportunity in a beneficial area.

Current Operations and Future Objectives

Yaan Xinkuang has obtained the assent to start a bulk sample extraction procedure. The company can now commence bulk sampling for pilot plant processing of high-purity petalite mineral products.

Once off-take arrangements are finalized and extra funding is secured, a detailed Feasibility Study will be undertaken. Additional drilling will be carried out in order to convert more Inferred resources to Measured and Indicated. The planned schedule assumes a positive Feasibility Study, offtake commitments, project financing, and the obtaining of all permits and environmental approvals.


Community and Environment

Environmental preliminary studies have been performed in the project area by Yaan Xinkuang, ensuring that local environmental peculiarities were properly evaluated.

Additional waste rock and tailing analyses have been completed by the company’s researchers, and work is scheduled to examine tailings from the new process in order to update the tailing management facility and water treatment plant design.

A draft site layout and water management plan have also been prepared for discussion with all communities of interest prior to finalizing the Project Description, which formally initiates the permitting process when applied.


Exploration Philosophy

The company's major exploration goal is to find more high-grade (>0.5 % TREO) heavy rare earth (HRE) Mineral Resources near the surface (open-pittable) with xenotime as the dominant rare earth mineral.

The exploration objective of Yaan Xinkuang is to create a pipeline of HRE prospects that can be converted into mineral resources, increasing the company's overall mineral inventory and extending the project's resource life.



Yaan Xinkuang has the potential to become a major producer of dysprosium along with other rare elements. Dysprosium is the key value driver of The Lushan Project (the Project) and is at the basis of Yaan Xinkuang’s marketing strategy, accounting for a significant portion of the Project's revenue.

The company is planning to become a long-term and reliable supplier of dysprosium and other essential heavy rare earths to international markets, due to a high-value, high-purity, dysprosium-rich product.

Among its peers, the Project is noteworthy. Its xenotime mineralization is a reliable source of supply; its dysprosium ratio, as well as the ability to beneficiate the ore multiple times, create the difference. This, combined with the Project's advanced licensing stage and future exploration capabilities, puts it ahead of many of its competitors.



The company has hosted visits to the Project site to highlight the size of the xenotime mineralization, as well as pilot plant operations to demonstrate the company's capacity to concentrate and process the ore into a high-quality product appropriate for downstream separation.

Several parties have received samples of the mixed RE carbonate produced during these operations for testing to verify it meets possible customer requirements. In response to its new business plan to build the Project in three stages, Yaan Xinkuang has received an encouraging reaction from the market and potential offtake partners.

The company is currently finalizing an offtake agreement for the pilot plant described in the first stage of the business plan.



All mixed heavy rare earth carbonate from the Plant Project, including all stored products, has been delivered to key industry players by Yaan Xinkuang. The agreement also includes the possibility of participating in a full-scale project.