Yaan Xinkuang's mission is to transform the extraction industry with cutting-edge technology that enables separation and mining. As a result, the values of good corporate governance and social responsibility serve as our guiding principles (ESG).

Business Model

Our well-defined strategy represents a constructive outlook that is both definitive and constantly evolving, and it consists of highly precise and interrelated goals that guide Yaan Xinkuang's operations based on the following key objectives:

  • Focus on building and developing our relationship with the local communities;
  • Enhance proprietary technology commercialization and licensing strategies;
  • Continue to work on business and engineering development in order to accomplish the company's goals in due time;
  • Continue to pursue downstream rare-earth elements (REE);
  • Continue to work on the Lushan Project's exploration, engineering, and commercial development in preparation for a scheduled feasibility study;
  • Continue to explore Yaan Xinkuang's additional Sichuan REE mineral property;
  • Coordinate cross-company efforts in several provinces to establish strategic development partnerships.


Reliable Long-Term Supply

  • Consider the value of co-products;
  • Revise the mine flowsheet;
  • Conduct a feasibility study;
  • Ensure permitting;
  • Work on strategic planning for larger areas.

Market Innovation

  • Upstream and downstream development;
  • Domestic-centric supply chain;
  • Involvement in equity markets and establishing new partnerships;
  • Industry support and distribution;
  • Government support and initiative.

Strategic Metals

  • REE separation and refinement plant for the metal oxides production;
  • Technology testing;
  • Efficient selection of resources;
  • Constructive engineering and assessing;
  • Secure construction financing.


Sustainable Mineral Development

Sustainability implies adopting leading industry standards for health, safety, and environmental management; transparently engaging with local communities and stakeholders; being receptive and responsive; and establishing a workplace where employees are valued, involved, and encouraged to succeed. Yaan Xinkuang incorporates its sustainability objectives into business planning, work activities, and assessments, in addition to risk and change management.


The Importance of Sustainability

  • Has significant impact on project development;
  • Provides Yaan Xinkuang with a competitive edge by aligning the company's values with those of its stakeholders;
  • Minimizes risk and develops opportunities;
  • Enhances the company's capacity to recruit and retain top talent;
  • Is cost-effective and adds value to shareholders by improving economic performance;
  • Allows Yaan Xinkuang to operate on a social level.

Yaan Xinkuang is a pioneer among miners in implementing best practices to limit its environmental impact, avoid water contamination, and engage with local communities. Sustainably acting adds value to a company by lowering the risk for all stakeholders and increasing the potential for individual and community prosperity.

Many key raw materials, such as renewable energy sources and energy-efficient vehicles, are critical enablers of clean technology. As a rare metals mineral development company, Yaan Xinkuang has a strategic advantage in adopting sustainability concepts into its corporate basis in order to integrate with future clients, such as clean technology makers, who seek sustainable supply chains.