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Yaan Xinkuang is a company founded on strong values such as honesty, respect for others, solidarity, and the spirit of big dreams. We are now on our way to becoming one of the world's top producers of rare earth materials outside of China, due to that spirit and determination.

We are currently recruiting a handful of like-minded ambitious individuals to help us continue to exceed these targets now that our projects are up and going.




Our leading core value is safety. It includes every employee's well-being as well as the company's success and revenue. Production and safety are seen as inextricably linked and equally crucial.



Our strategy is to hire and keep skilled and motivated people in positions of leadership.



The company is dedicated to ethical and responsible business methods. We are concerned about safety, the environment, and the communities in which we operate, and we act with honesty and integrity.



We keep our promises and accept responsibility for achieving our long-term goals.



The business advances in its operations by fostering and recognizing employee creativity and initiative. Great ideas and lateral thinking are welcomed at any time.



All aspects of the business are equally vital. We can only accomplish and sustain profitable growth by working together productively and sharing ideas, technologies, and skills.